5 benefits of integrating translation in your company’s communication strategy


This article is about international companies adopting marketing translation and transcreation to safely go global locally and is adapted from a post written by my colleague Laura Cataneo.


Adapt Content

The customer is saying, loud and clear: if you want my attention, talk to me in my language, within my cultural framework of reference, following the communication standards most suited to the media channel and the occasion.



These are some of the key benefits of localizing your company’s profile, website, promotional contents and social media presence:

  1. Customer engagement – You will capture and retain the interest of the customers by engaging them in a conversation.
  1. Brand awareness/recognition – Well-shaped contents in the language of the customers help the brand come alive in their eyes.
  1. Brand reliability – You will strengthen the trustworthiness of your company, product or brand. Words of mouth, networking, personal interaction, usability are the best means to give you a solid reliability, turning customers into brand ambassadors.
  1. Brand reputation – You will further improve your brand reputation by avoiding cultural missteps. No small thing in our fast-paced age, where the reputation of a brand or a company can change in the space of days, for better or for worse.
  1. Brand coherence – By working with language and communication professionals such as translators, transcreators and terminologists, your brand language will be standardized, curated and applied coherently. The language of a brand should be carefully crafted to reflect its core values, and applied consistently throughout all types of contents. It should also be professionally localized/transcreated, to enhance brand awareness/ reputation/ reliability and customer engagement, and to avoid false steps which can cost you dearly. Language is the true soul of a brand: take good care of it.

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